How I started my web development journey

How I started my web development journey

My progress map.

On January 15, 2021, I bought the Web Developer Bootcamp course by Colt Steele on Udemy.

  • Finished the HTML and CSS section by the 3rd of March.

  • Wondered off for some days in tutorial hell and Netflix.

  • I read The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Freelancer eBook by Lizzie Davie. She wrote "If you really want to get ahead in those first few weeks and months, you’re going to have to commit to something and see it right to the end. Lizzy also wrote to Map Your Progress. This was great advice as it prompted me to start documenting my web dev progress.

  • Started JavaScript section by March 26th.

  • By April 16th, I had learned about variables, strings, boolean, conditionals, arrays, object literals, loops, functions, JavaScript scopes, this keyword, and array methods.

  • It's the 20th of May and I just learned about XML, JSON, APIs, and how to use Postman to query endpoints.

  • Today June 7th, I decided to start learning WordPress Development. My goodness. Why so complicated? It just got boring and I stopped. The amount of things web developers have to know is mind-boggling. I'll stop at JavaScript. I give up.

End of web dev journey

I stopped at the JavaScript section of the course. It's difficult. I'm already very familiar with WordPress, its themes and plugins. So I'll stop here and just do freelance web design for small businesses.

Continuation of web dev journey

I guess I just needed a little rest. I didn't stop at JavaScript. I've taken the OOP section, Nodejs, and Express, and I just started the MongoDB section. I will stop here for now. Don't worry I'm thinking clearly this time. I'm stopping because my goal is to get out of this Telecoms job into Freelance Web Dev as soon as possible.

I should be able to do WordPress development, prove it with design prototypes and market myself to small businesses.

Actual end (Beginning) of web dev journey.

So after much deliberation, some hard work, quitting from time to time, intermittent Netflix, the good ol' motivation and a few projects in my portfolio, all while working at a call center, I can finally call myself a web developer.

Today 7th September 2021, 8 months after I bought the Web Developer Bootcamp course, I finally finished. This is an inspiring milestone for me. Now the journey begins.

Certificate UC-d0d550f2-fa5b-4174-a771-40ec4b1c83ca.jpg

Things I'm glad I did

  • Learned UI design

  • Learned MongoDB

  • Finished the YelpCamp project.

  • Took breaks.

Check out my GitHub profile

Things I wish I could do

  • #100DaysOfCode. (Not so good with keeping up on social media)

What next.

  • Keep building projects.

  • Learn React & PWA.

  • Get a front-end developer job.

  • Build a custom ERP system for a small business.

  • Freelance web design for small businesses.

  • Build business and career blogs.


The Journey

If you're reading this, I want you to know that learning is a journey, not a destination.

When you're motivated to code, code. And when you're not motivated to code, do the next best thing: read coding articles. When you get tired, don't quit, REST. You'll feel better after a little break, I promise.

And maybe like me, after 8 months you'll be able to say "I FINISHED! What next." God bless.😉